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Peru Town Board Meeting 12-11-17

by Calvin, 1 year ago
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Video by John Ryan, Peru Gazette

Former Town Attorney addresses board
Jenkins-Pleasant Street flooding is being addressed
Town will not be plowing the Fellowship Center parking lot
Supervisor Glushko praised and thanked
Covel donates Town Christmas Tree
Former Peru Town Attorney Dennis Curtin addressed the board. He thanked outgoing Counselor Donald McBrayer and outgoing Town Supervisor Peter Glushko for their service. He praised Glushko stating, “You brought calm back to the town and order to the meetings.”

Curtin stated that he was town attorney during the administrations of supervisors Michael Bardon, Ken Jahn and Donald Covel. Relating that both Bardon and Jahn spent several hours in the town hall daily attending to town business. Curtin referred to Peru Gazette news stories in which incoming Supervisor Brandy McDonald had various responses when asked what hours he would be in the town hall. He initially stated that his hours would be “conducive with current town office hours” (town hall hours are 9-3). At one point he proposed appointing Counselor Jim Douglass as Deputy Supervisor and reporting to the town hall after his full time job ends at 3:30 p.m. At a November 15th meeting he dropped that proposal saying he didn’t need the controversy. When asked after the meeting what his hours at the town hall would be he responded, “I’ll be available on my cell phone.”

Addressing McDonald Dennis Curtin said, “As supervisor you’re no longer a counselor. You have much greater responsibilities. You can’t supervise employees if you’re not here,. You can’t evaluate them. You can’t meet with state representatives…” Curtin concluded, “I presume that come January 1 you’ll have regular town hours and be seen here most of every day and you’ll be doing your job. I congratulate you and look forward to seeing you in the office.” McDonald thanked Curtin for his remarks. (See video 2:15 minute point to 6:15 minute point)

Highway Superintendent Michael Farrell reported that he has met with Matt LeFevre, the Peru Central School Facilities Director, regarding the non-functioning water retention area near the tennis courts. Farrell believes its failure is responsible for 90% of the Jenkins Street flooding. The pond is not retaining water; therefore, when a significant rainfall occurs the drainage pipes are overwhelmed with water. Farrell said his proposed fix would be relatively inexpensive. LeFevre is conferring with the school’s engineers. The school board would also have to approve any changes.

Citing liability and plowing cost, Supervisor Glushko said he agreed with Highway Superintendent Farrell’s opinion that the town should not assume the responsibility for plowing the Peru Community Church Fellowship Center’s parking lot. A few weeks ago church representatives asked if the town would be interested in taking on the task given that the parking lot is utilized by residents and town employees when they access the walking trail, the gazebo park and pond. Glushko said he could envision the town reimbursing the church when the the Fellowship Center is used for certain events.

Deputy Supervisor Donald McBrayer expressed the town board’s thanks to Supervisor Glushko for his 20 years of service to the town.

Councilman Jim Douglass thanked the town parks department, Councilman McBrayer and everyone involved with the recent town Christmas party. Douglass also thanked Donald Covel for donating the beautiful Christmas tree in the park.