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Peru Town Board Meeting 4-9-18

by Calvin, 12 months ago
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From the Peru Gazette:

By John T. Ryan

The Town’s sewer upgrade received at least a temporary setback. USDA denied the Town’s application for a low interest loan. USDA offered a loan guarantee package through a commercial bank which would result in a higher interest rate. The Board authorized Supervisor McDonald to appeal the denial. The project has been estimated to cost $4.1 million. The Town was awarded a 25% USDA grant. The remaining 75% will be financed by a long-term bond.

Sewer Superintendent Courtney Tetrault recommended that the Board authorize expenditure of $100,000 to keep the sewer project moving forward with construction in 2020. The Board will decide on this request at its next meeting.

The Board approved a contract with PLACE Alliance to prepare bids for the Main Street Project at a cost not to exceed $14,750, plus $1,200 for each on-site visit. Town officials previously indicated that these expenses should be covered by the grant funding.

Erection of a sign prohibiting tractor-trailers on Davey Drive was approved. Truckers traveling to Peru Town Court have been trapped because there is no turnaround area. Henceforth, tractor-trailers will have to park along the Bear Swamp Road.

A trailer filled with 100 to 200 tires was deserted along the Jabez Allen Road. State Police claimed they were unable to identify the owner. The trailer was scrapped and $162 was received by the Town. Two Town dump rucks will transport the tires to a facility in Hudson Falls.

Code Enforcement Officer Bob Guynup reported pending court actions against residents violating junk car and other ordinances. Violators are given a warning. If no response is received Guynup asks the Clinton County Sheriff to issue a warrant directing offenders to appear in Peru Town Court.

Jabez Allen Road resident John Hart asked the Board if any action could be taken with regard to feral cats. He said a neighbor is feeding at least a dozen feral cats. The cats hide in his hedge rows and enter his garage. He said one cat jumped and scratched his face and attacked his dog. He said to the Board, “I respectfully ask you to consider this matter. The stench is overwhelming.” Supervisor Brandy McDonald said he would make phone calls in an attempt to resolve the issue. He said, “We’ve been through this issue with feral cats year after year and there’s not a lot that we can do.”

Resident John Ryan suggested that appreciation letters be sent from the Town Supervisor to people who have served on town bodies such as the Youth Commission and the Planning and Zoning Boards. He specifically mentioned the Youth Commission outgoing Chairman Greg Mills. Supervisor McDonald said he had verbally thanked Mills, but he thought sending a letter was a good suggestion.

Highway Superintendent Michael Farrell reported that Tyler Jarvis successfully completed his 90-day probationary period. He said, “Jarvis an excellent employee.” The Highway Department still has one open position.

Michael Farrell reported that the cold weather and rain has delayed street sweeping. Highway personnel will do their best to catch up.