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The Delaware & Hudson: a Legacy of Lightning

by Calvin, 4 years ago
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This winter I have been very fortunate to be able to spend an amount of time witnessing the last of an era of history, the last two Delaware & Hudson painted Lightning Stripe locomotives, the 7303 & 7304. Once the Bridge Line to Canada and New England, this famous coal hauler and canal builder has all but faded away.

In and around Plattsburgh and the Champlain Valley I spent time filming and photographing the D&H with trips down to Ticonderoga and up to Rouses Pt. and I try to cover the history and highlights of the line in this video.

I really tried to take my production to a new level and I hope it shows through.

Thanks to the YouTube music library for the SoBueno by the 126ers and

Ross Bugden for the Sad Piano Music

Thanks for watching!

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