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Peru Town Board Meeting 6-25-18

by Calvin, 9 months ago
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Recorded by "the Peru Gazette":

Town Excavator Rollover 
Main Street Project on Indefinite Hold 
Judge Kirby Taking on New Duties 
Jenkins Street Flooding Issues Continue 
NYSEG Schedules Information Meeting on Natural Gas Expansion 
And More
By John T. Ryan

A visibly shaken and very grateful Highway Superintendent Michael Farrell reported that the Highway Department excavator was involved in a serious accident on Thursday, June 21, 2018. The excavator rolled off a low-bed trailer on its side with the operator Lloyd Provost inside the cab. Provost was lifting a heavy bucket from a town truck on the Patent Road when the accident occurred. Fortunately, Provost was able to escape from the cab without injury. The excavator was slightly damaged, but it is still operable. Highway personnel were able to make minor repairs with little damage still visible. The trailer was damaged beyond repair. It will be cut up for sale as scrap metal. Farrell said the initial report he received indicated that the operator was trapped inside the excavator. 

The Main Street Project is on an indefinite hold. Highway Superintendent Mike Farrell told the Board that he and Water/Sewer/Parks Superintendent Courtney Tetrault discussed the project. He said, “It’s too much for both crews day after day to do this project with everything else that’’s on on our plate. I thought it was one side of the road. It’s both sides of the road. It’s a lot of work.” Farrell suggested that the project be rebid in late fall when contractors are looking for work. Supervisor Brandy McDonald said he would confer with Grand Writer Adele Douglas on NYS grant options. NYS already granted the Town a one-year grant extension. McDonald stated that as of now the project has to be completed by late February of 2019. 

Town Justice James Kirby informed the Board he has been asked to be one three judges in Clinton County authorized to conduct youthful offender arraignments. In April 2017 the NYS Legislature passed the “Raise the Age” Law whereby beginning Oct. 1, 2018, offenders under 18 (next October including 18-year olds) charged with misdemeanor offenses must be dealt with in Family Court. Kirby would be working with the County Family Court judges. 

Judge Kirby said some of the arraignments would be conducted during nighttime hours; therefore, he may have to ask for additional hours for the Court’s part-time clerk. Kirby did not know if the Town would receive reimbursement for this service.  When asked by the Peru Gazette if his taking the position was mandatory or voluntary, Kirby responded, “We don’t have to, but when the state asks you something through the OCA (Office of Court Administration) you usually do it.” 

Mike Farrell reported that measures taken to alleviate high water flows behind Jenkins Street homes moved the problem down the block. The Peru School District took measures to improve the operation of its water retention basin; however, Farrell believes the basin is too small to accommodate the immense water flows from the school’s vast parking lots. Jenkins Street flooding took place during the May storm. Farrell said he will be dumping shock rock behind Marion Peter’s home. If that doesn’t work an engineer may have to be hired to come up with a solution. 

NYSEG will conduct a natural gas public information meeting on July 12, 2018 from 3PM to 7PM at the Peru Town Hall. Anyone with questions about NYSEG’s expansion plans or anyone who would like gas coverage extended to a nearby street/road should be able to get information at this meeting.  

Courtney Tetrault asked the Board to consider expending $35,000 to conduct a hydrologic study to determine the feasibility of drilling a well to supplement the Town’s outdoor reservoir. During periods of heavy rain or when algae forms during extremely hot weather the reservoir’s water requires additional treatment and more filter backwashing. Tetrault is concerned about meeting both current and future water demands. He believes a well would help alleviate the problem.  Tetrault said he has funding in his department’s budget. The matter will be on the Board’s July 9th agenda.