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Peru Town Board Meeting 11-26-18

by Calvin, 1 year ago
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From the Peru Gazette:     Sewer Project Moves Ahead; Legal Action May Be Pending; Youth Commission Resignations Accepted; Bids to be Solicited for Snow Plow and SUV; And More
Peru - Upgrading Peru’s sewer system took a major step forward at the November 26, 2018 Peru Town Board meeting when the Board approved a resolution by a 4-0 vote to move forward with the $4,618,482 upgrade project. A resolution declaring no negative environmental impact with the project also passed by a 4-0 vote. The project will be partially funded by a $1,006,481 NYS grant. The remainder will be financed by a 38-year low interest loan.
AES Engineering will be meeting the Board to discuss the project at a workshop scheduled for Wednesday, December 5th at 5:30 p.m.
A February 1, 2017 legal notice describing the scope of the project:
A Resolution adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Peru, Clinton County, New York (the “Town”) on January 23, 2017 authorizes a project consist-ing of the acquisition, construction and reconstruction of certain Town sewer facilities, including the North Bend Trunk Sewer, Maiden Lane Pump Station and Force Main, Old Peru Sewer Main, installation of Main Street and Little AuSable Pump Stations and force mains and, including all of the foregoing, related site work, paving, restoration, and repairs…
It appears that legal action between the Town of Peru and Washington Street developer William Sawyer will take place. An Executive Session to discuss the matter was conducted to close of last night’s business. Town Attorney Matt Favro will represent the Town of Peru. The dispute revolves around the 5-foot wide sidewalk and the 20-foot wide road with 2 ft. paved shoulders specified by the Planning Board at the recommendation of Highway Superintendent Michael Farrell. Sawyer installed a 4-foot wide sidewalk and a 20-foot wide road with stone shoulders. The Town also maintains that it cannot accept the road or issue a Certificate of Occupancy for the home under construction until the Planning Board’s conditions are met.
A few weeks ago the Board refused to accept the resignations of Youth Commission members Beth Lozier and Carrie Smith. Last night at the request of Youth Commission Jennifer Madore the Board reluctantly accepted their resignations although they included a statement “contingent upon further review.” Jim Langley wants the reasons for their resignations to be officially addressed, especially the veracity of comments that were made leading to the resignations. He stated, “I think we owe it to them…” Editor’s note: This discussion begins at the 26 minute 44 second point of meeting video.
The Board authorized advertising for bids for a new truck and snow plow. Highway Superintendent Michael Farrell estimated the cost at just over $206,000. Farrell said snow plow blade prices have increased by about 25% thanks to the higher steel prices.
Kyle Snide was the high bidder at $3,651.09 on a generator being disposed of by the Water Department.
Leasing a 2018 Ford Escape from Riley Ford for use by the Code Enforcement Officer will not take place. It seems that the Ford Motor Company does not lease vehicles to municipalities. Because the purchase price would be over $20,000, bids will be sought for a new vehicle.
The Town’s annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Peru Gazebo will take place on Friday, November 30th at 6:45 p.m.. Santa is scheduled to arrive at 7 p.m.
The NYS Department of Agricultural and Markets gave Dog Control Officer Dave Drollette an excellent performance grade.
Housing dangerous dogs continues to be an issue. The only veterinarian willing to house Peru’s dangerous dogs is Eagle’s Nest in Plattsburgh. Eagle’s Nest would charge $100 a day, plus a $500 annual fee. Very few dangerous dogs have been detained in Peru; however, the last dog detained had to be transported to distant Gouverneur. Supervisor Brandy McDonald is going to speak to the Palmer Veterinary Clinic that serves several towns; however, the Palmer Clinic has stated that it does not want to take on an additional town.